November and December Round Up

Hey! So it’s been a while since we’ve had a blog post on here. Today we’re reminiscing about November and December with December being very exciting as we took part in a month-long campaign to raise awareness of sex slavery and human trafficking.


Ladies Night

On Friday 17th November, we held our Ladies Night, an informal evening of food, friendship and pampering. A group of 25 ladies gathered in a front room, eating nachos, painting nails, applying face masks and hennaing temporary tattoos. Instead of an entry fee, we asked people to donate items to the WhiteChapel centre. This meant that whilst having a lot of fun, laughter and great conversations, we were able to collect much needed items such as, toiletries, shampoo, underwear, dog food and dog treats.


This event was followed up by a homeless walk the next morning. A team spent an hour or so, chatting and offering hot drinks to those sleeping rough.
(Hannah Mcdermott)

Clothes Swap

On the 24th November 2017, Just Love hosted the most banging clothes swap known to man. Around 18 people attended, armed with around 5 items each, and many managed to get some new funky outfits. One of the highlights was John Lisle’s excitement when he realised that he could fit into Bethan Jones’ old blue jeans. They have now become a staple item in his wardrobe. Overall, the clothes swap was a massive success, and proved that there are fun alternatives to investing in new clothes!
(Tiria Barnes)


Charity Shop Crawl

On Saturday 9th December a group of us went on a Charity and Vintage shop crawl. We got some great bargains and it was a lot of fun and laughter.

Random things were also found (que picture of Tee with what appeared to be part of a trouser?)…


It is so important to be conscious of the unethical practices of companies and the fact that slavery is deeply intertwined within fast fashion. So this crawl was about raising awareness of the great things we can find and the fun we can have by being more ethical and sustainable whilst also doing good for God’s creation.


The best find goes to Poppy for the Reindeer ears.



“This month with the dress as our flag, we will carve a path to a better future for all women everywhere.” (


Just Love decided to take part in Dressember with Beth organising an incredible launch where we were able to understand the importance behind the campaign. The dress has been seen has a symbol of weakness and inferiority. Well, Dressember does not stand for this and is all about reclaiming the dress as a symbol of strength.


However it is not just women who took part in Dressember, men did too.


Men wore ties in support of the campaign. By doing this they expressed solidarity with women; a statement in support for gender equality.

Blythe Hill is the founder of Dressember and she gave a very powerful TED talk in September 2015 ( which I cannot highly recommend enough. Hill talks about how Dressember began. She raises the important point that you do not have to be a lawyer, a politician, a social worker etc. in order to be a part of ending these issues. She “recognised the power of an idea” and used the “fire” inside her to battle with these human rights violations.

“It is estimated that there are over 35 million people currently trapped in slavery in our world. Of that number 50 per cent are children and 70 per cent are women.”

Amelia Clarke from City Hearts also came to speak at the launch to share the incredible work that they do to help bring an end to slavery. Did you know that the UK is in the top three countries around the world for cases of slavery? Everyone is the room was struck with surprise by this. City Hearts have seen cases of slavery in Liverpool. It really is a reality that slavery could be happening right next door to you. It is easy to think terrible issues where human rights are exploited are far from home. But they really aren’t.


Throughout the month each person from the Just Love team had a three- day social media takeover. We shared the stories of women who have experienced horrific abuse in addition to facts and figures to raise awareness of women who suffer from sex slavery and human trafficking.

God created men and women equally. We need to use our hears for Jesus and look after out brothers and sisters. Jesus loves women just as much as He loves men and the sexual abuse women experience simply for being women is not what God intended. If we seek Jesus we also seek equality and justice.

We hope you enjoyed our events last semester and we look forward to seeing you at our Vision Night on Friday 23rd February where will be reminding ourselves of everything we did last semester and our vision for the next few months. See you there!

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